Life coaching on: Unawareness of how your thoughts affect you.

This blog post is intended to help awaken your possible UNAWAREness of how your thoughts, reactions, actions can affect or dis-affect your life with potentially damaging consequences. Things such as pursuance of endless dead ends, meaningless days, unfulfilling relationships and the pit of the stomach feeling to name a few…

Simple Truth: No one has the amazing power to make you feel anything – be it misery, sadness, annoyance, anger or even happiness, joy, gratitude etc., except U, of course.  Simple yet most of us don’t get it because we are UNAWARE of why we react and how good it is to STOP.

Let’s just take a look at how we fail to understand that simple truth. 

You know that you are UNAWARE if you are living out your life with sentences that start with:

‘I should, I must, I ought to or, I don’t have to, don’t want to and can run away from’ …and are having one or more of the following experiences on a regular basis:

  1. Rows with loved ones and strangers alike
  2. Criticising others (only seeing faults)
  3. Angry outbursts even over little issues
  4. Jealousy attacks
  5. Blaming others and never yourself
  6. Unable to find a sense of peace within
  7. Cry and feel it will never stop
  8. Feel numb and indifferent with the people around you
  9. A gnawing feeling that life has passed you by
  10. A sense of unease, restlessness
  11. Don’t know how you feel in any given situation

Life CoachExperiencing UNAWARE means that we give away our power, our love, our energy, our purpose, our strength, our courage, our gifts to others. The only antidote is to become AWARE. This type of UNAWARE behaviour means that our reactions have a separate root cause which usually cannot be accessed simply by asking the person WHY.  Essentially you are not in control and have allowed unhappy past experiences to dictate how the future has to be.

Why bother to become AWARE?

Well simply put the consequences of carrying on in the same vein are dire to you mainly because the sense of well-being can never occur until what is hidden becomes revealed and no longer saps you.  Here are some examples:

Example 1: Projecting your pain onto others might make others suffer for a little while but you will suffer MORE by being UNAWARE of what to pursue in your life and making your destiny dependent on having people to inflict pain on,

Example 2: denying yourself your dreams, aspirations etc., might make others have a more comfortable life as you cater to their never ending needs but end up paralysing their ability to develop courage to do more and sap up the energy you need to have a more AWARE life.

Example 3: Blaming everyone else for how life has turned out for you might feel like a relief now but doesn’t change the facts that Nothing Can Move On Without YOUR energy!

So there we have it, now that you know all the above there are no excuses, nowhere to hide!  If you identify with the above, you have been caught out!  Don’t forget the ones on the receiving end can see if even if you can’t! Doing something, anything other than living on an auto-pilot of negativity is vital to your being here amongst us on this planet and of course beyond if you can connect to that but more vitally it is about your everyday YOUness.  Don’t waste it!


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