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The first step to prepare the mind for success is thinking. This simple task reminds us that all reality begins in the mind. The mind is so powerful in that sense, that it can absolutely achieve anything with focus alone. However, in most cases the mind is in control, telling stories using its considerable power to shape our actions. The first step involves reclaiming the power over the mind. Planning, or listing, three things that burn deeply, as chief desires, will help start this process. Coming from a place that anything is possible focusing on the ends and not the means is the superior strategy at this stage. Usually, the things that are to be accomplished are going to be immediately hindered by the mind as it comes up with any reason available to stay within the comfort zone.

Find a life CoachPrioritizing from the list of goals that have just been created allows one to think very carefully on what is most the important goal, and thereby achieve with urgency. It must be something that is sorely needed, which will most certainly help to fix other areas of life. This goal is to become the main focus of life for the next month or two. Anything left on the list will be hereafter referred to as secondary goals.

Visualization of the precise end-result is what comes next. Obstacles should not be the focus. Instead, a perfect world situation should be made into a clear picture for review in times of tribulation. Each goal should be written down with a list of three elements that denote the reason for this goal’s acquisition. A promise must be made never to compromise those three elements. If there is a compromise, it will take its toll over the long haul. Time will be lost when it is wasted searching for things that have no gain.

Taking the chance to focus on aversion and imagine how life will look if what is set out to be done is not achieved. Visualization of a young self from a decade ago tends to add a bit of guilt to the situation, which can be constructive. It also helps to think of the self as it will be in twenty years, and what could come to pass with the prospect of victory. The point of this visualization work is to give the body a chance to be treated like a temple. Hard work and less time wasted will result as the core of all motivation. Now is the time to achieve what is ahead.

Finally, committing to a task requires putting a time table in play for all items. Without it, the urgency will never be felt, or needed, for all the changes that are going to happen in life. This is one of the most important elements, which is usually overlooked by others. Urgency is the key to the actualization of the future self.