Small business advice

Our Small business advice, display the following personal skills and qualities, all of which are necessary to be a successful facilitator.

• Flexibility – The ability to fulfill different group roles – leader, supporter, inquisitor etc. in order to keep the group process fluid and maximise potential

• Confidence – Instilling confidence in the group by being purposeful and in control, therefore subduing group insecurities

• Authenticity – Being consistent in approach to the task, not moving the goal posts, becoming trustworthy to the group

• Patience/Perseverance – Appreciating the difficulties of group work and have the determination to see a task finished

• Leadership Presence – Respecting the group to become the surrogate leader if and when required

• Integrity – Being an example to the group of how to conduct oneself at work

• Initiating – The ability to start the group working on the task or when a problem is discovered/developed to find an alternative way around it

• Respectable – Having the admiration of the group as being a person whom they can trust

• Perceptive – Having the capability to recognise undertones in the group; using the positive ones to the group’s advantage and countering the negative ones to diminish them.

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There is a reason you have come to coaching for success – something amazing drew you here. Trust that whatever that reason, you are truly meant to be exploring this site, reading the contents and getting inspired about taking the next step!  We are happy to invite you to partner with us in a coaching relationship.  You will move through self discoveries, cerebrate progress and every step of the way we will support, motivate, encourage and challenge you.

We acknowledge that partnering with us you have entrusted us with your most valuable asset – YOU.  We will therefore, tap into every one of our skills, strengths, experiences, and especially, our intuition and insights that all help bring about the changes you want to make. Inquire about our Small business Advice now.