Are you 100% successful in your chosen profession and can go no further?

Are you even in your chosen profession?

Not many people can answer “Yes!” to these questions. In fact if you have answered “yes”, then you don’t need a Life Coach or Business Coach and should read no further. If on the other hand, you have answered “no” or are unsure. Please read on.


Family Coach

Our aim is to help you unlock your unlimited potential, to clarify what it is you want in life. Then together, we can set successful outcomes and goals for your future.

In our sessions, we marry the two modalities of Life Coaching or business Coaching, depending on your needs as our client.

We work intuitively with our clients, and are able to offer fresh insights, that empower you to make, (and own) new choices, and show you ways to deal with life’s problems in a healthy and balanced way. Each session is uniquely designed for you, and encourages you to participate in your own self healing.

Any of our sessions can be conducted either face-to-face or by telephone.



ELITE has the ability to take you through your fears of success to actual success. THEY enables you to find your niche, develop it and own it and be successful with it. She is kind, friendly and tough when required, she enables you to lose your fears and move to success. I highly recommend her and love being her client!”



“OUR life coaching sessions were delivered to me in a very dark and unhappy time in my life, a space where I was a functioning person working and living externally , internally however I felt dark, alone and often thought of suicide, I found it difficult to share this with the people in my life. Each session gave me insight into reconnecting with my true self. I had forgotten how wonderful I am. I really needed a professional like MARIE to guide me through the process of loving myself again. SHE tapped into my true essence and rekindled my inner shining light again… Thank you marie, I am forever grateful and will carry your knowledge with me always xx”




“Sim is a warm and supportive person, who has the ability to pinpoint and focus on what the ‘real’ issue is. From that point the unraveling occurs through her confident questioning. She provides a quiet certainty in her methods of coaching that enabled me to feel confident in stepping out and feeling secure about what my next step would be. Her passion and enthusiasm is relayed through her approach using NLP techniques and life skill coaching techniques. I loved my coaching sessions with Sim and would recommend that if you need to be guided through some challenges in your life, Sue would provide the means to start you along the path….”

Kelley Hines

Education Manager



Each life coaching session I had with Sarah, was TOTALLY AMAZING!

I am a self confessed sabotage Queen .

Each session I had with Sarah, I always felt that I was being listened to & supported. I always felt comfortable to be myself. Sarah had a very compassionate way of working with me & I always felt she knew where I was coming from & it was so reassuring for me, when she shared things about her own life & journey. I felt she really put herself in my shoes. Sarah only went as far in each session as I was comfortable with.

I was always amazed at where Sarah was able to take me each session. Her knowledge of different skills & techniques really helped me to look at my situation & issues in a whole new way.

I have never been very good at goal setting. Sarah has given me great goal setting skills.

With all the different skills & techniques Sarah offered me, I always felt supported & nurtured. I always felt comfortable to ask Sarah any questions if I didn’t understand anything.

After each session Sarah always made sure that I was happy & felt comfortable with the session before we finished. I always felt totally satisfied that I was nurtured back to a safe place, even if we went into some really deep & full on issues. I was always happy after each session & totally elated. I am overwhelmed by how each session has made me feel.

There are issues in my life that I feel I let control me. Sarah has given me the skills to be able to look at my issues from a more objective view & that has been an amazing tool. A lot of things that seemed so big to me don’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

Thank you Sarah. You are an amazing, beautiful woman.

I would highly recommend Elite as a Life Coach.