Business coaching workshops are designed to give you access to essential business development tools and methods in a group setting.  Working with other business owners is proven to be an extremely successful way for individuals to quickly expand their knowledge and gain insight into the way other businesses work.

Our four main workshops are:

  1. Quarterly Planning Workshop
  2. Sales and Marketing Workshop
  3. Team Training Workshop
  4. Alignment Workshop

Workshops run regularly throughout the year.

Quarterly Planning Workshop

The Quarterly Planning Workshop supports business owners at 4 key points throughout the year, keeping you on track and in line with your Yearly Plan.

  • Purpose:  review achievements as they stand in line with your Yearly Plan and keep you on track to reach your goals
  • You will need:  your Yearly Plan.  If you have not yet developed a Yearly Plan simply let me know and I will help you draw one up prior to the first workshop.
  • Workshop structure:  this half-day workshop runs at the end of each business quarter (March, June, September, December).  Clients from all industries come together to review their goals, share their successes and their challenges and learn from one another and from us.
  • Ideal for:  new and experienced clients. These workshops provide a valuable opportunity for intense business focus to remain on track for the year, as well as networking, idea sharing and the sense of “safety in numbers”!

Sales and Marketing Workshop

The Sales and Marketing Workshop provides business owners with invaluable insight into how to get the most out of these key areas of their business.

  • Purpose:  drawing upon Andrews 5 years experience as a sales and marketing professional for large companies in the Aus, this workshop is designed to give you access to industry information and insight that you can use to make immediate differences to your business
  • You will need:  a willingness to look at marketing and sales from a new point of view, enthusiasm to make positive change
  • Workshop structure:  this workshop not only provides you with industry insight from professionals but it also gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from other small businesses [how long is the workshop?]
  • Ideal for:  all business owners or staff working in sales and marketing who want to make this year even better than last

Team Training Workshop

The Team Training Workshop focuses entirely on the challenges you face within your workplace.  The sessions are run for one business at a time allowing you to profile behaviours and learn why certain people work better in particular situations or roles.

  • Purpose:  this workshop is designed to empower your workforce with the knowledge and understanding they need to work more effectively as a team.
  • You will need: a willingness to learn, listen and share
  • Workshop structure:  TBC
  • Ideal for:  business directors, managers, staff teams

Alignment Workshop

The Alignment Workshop is specifically designed for business owners who are not yet ready to take on one-to-one coaching but still want to capitalise on the benefits it can give.

  • Purpose:  this workshop is designed to give individuals within a business the opportunity to assess the strengths of one another and be guided to align these with the development and growth needs of the business
  • You will need:  no prior coaching is necessary
  • Workshop structure: the structure of this workshop depends upon the needs of the client.  I often work with two directors of a business, aligning their roles to their strengths and helping them to see how each can most benefit their business.  Equally, I have worked with small groups within management, helping them to better communicate the goals of the business and enable staff to align to these.
  • Ideal for:  business partners

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