Monthly Archives: July 2016

Our Small business advice, display the following personal skills and qualities, all of which are necessary to be a successful facilitator. • Flexibility – The ability to fulfill different group roles – leader, supporter, inquisitor etc. in order to keep the group process fluid and maximise potential • Confidence – Instilling confidence in the group by […]

Small business Consultant’ coaching niche or specialty is communication.   The type of communication goals individuals often present with include: Gain skills in giving performance feedback improve my relationships with clients communicate better with management or my team create better interactions between teams within my organization have better interactions with colleagues and peers Such communication goals […]

We coach following the coaching4success coaching model to move you forward. The Business mentor Melbourne model’s approach is designed to assist you in setting and achieving your own business and personal outcomes. The model revolves around three things: Assessment, Challenge & Support Assessment  – The initial phase of the coaching engagement is an assessment – a […]