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Most people choose to remain cooped up in a constructed comfort zone for the sake of certainty rather than step out into the unknown, even if it means mediocrity and boredom. Examples are include doing the same things, going to the same places, staying in the same average relationship, and working in the same boring career. A comfort zone is simply a mental boundary created by the mind, governing one’s thoughts and actions. stepping outside the comfort zone causes the subconscious mind to blast signals and thoughts that are clouded with fear. The mind always finds a way to prod and wrangle the body back into a conditioned state, return itself to the comfort zone. Reasons for staying in the comfort zone abound, but, the biggest reason is that it is obviously comfortable. However, it is also safe and easy and comes with no risks. It is hard for those that have been there too long to understand why they should face unnecessary fears and disappointments. This is the wrong way to live. The biggest killer of growth, which ultimately diminishes even the deepest desires and dreams and limits ones full potential lurks in the comfort zone. It will probably not result in physical death, but it will eventually kill the soul and spirit. The opposite of growth is simply death. In business, relationships or personal life, without growth, the only thing that lies ahead is death. The reason that most multi-millionaires never stop and relax, or why entrepreneurs build more companies over and over again, is because they know what will happen when they stop. It is something like hitting the fast forward button on life and skipping all the good parts.Wellness coach

Opportunity is the reason that people must grow, but in order to do that they must get out of the zone of comfort from time to time. In order to do that, a commitment to step up in the physical, social, financial, and mental aspects of life is required. A curious, open mind and the knowledge that humans are an amazing creature will allow one to achieve any of his dreams. If a man is committed enough to step up he can be powerful beyond measure. The second step, simply requires stepping into the unknown and seeking a challenge on a daily basis. Constantly doing different things and embracing change is the real key. Know that the psychological hurdles are just illusions that can easily be conquered once the courage to step into them is found.