As the motto states “…where ATTITUDE is Everything!” It is an attitude towards life, success and ultimately, “Peak Performance”.

Performance Coaching & Development

Here is just a sample of the services we offer. Please feel free to send an email via the Contact Us page for more exciting opportunities

Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Sports Performance
Self Communication Excellence Peak Performance States (Accessing “The Zone”)
Self Image & Self Perception Internal Mapping Strategies
Building Confidence & Self Esteem Decision Making Processes
Decision Making Skills Perception & Awareness Strategies
Building Rapport Self Communication & Patterns of Behaviour
Communication Excellence Body Language and its Impact on Performance
Attitude Awareness Attitude Awareness
Body Language skills Sensory Positioning Systems
Interview Skills Performance Profiles
Business Applications Facilitating Excellence 
Customer Service Skills Identifying Participant Learning Styles
Team Building  Using Effective Language Patterns
Interview Skills Building Rapport with your Audience
Building Rapport with Customers Communication Excellence
Communication Excellence Body Language & Congruency
Decision Making Skills Accessing Useful States

Your attitude shapes not only how you view the world, but how you interact in it. It is within this that our own unique Peak Performance Strategies are created. We internally map out our world based on our attitudes, values and beliefs, experiences and behaviours. Now, imagine being able to extract and utilise these maps so you can begin to fully understand and utilise your own Peak Performance Strategies.

Communication occurs both externally and internally within us. It is not only how you communicate with others, but more importantly, how you communicate with yourself that determines the results you achieve. We communicate with ourselves on many levels from using Visual representations, Auditory cues and Kinesthetic associations. It is by eliciting and utilising this information that we can identify Peak Performance Strategies, Attitudes and Behaviours. Being a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) I utilise many proven techniques and strategies as well as many other specialist skills and experiences I have developed throughout my career to achieve this.

Here is a sample of what we offer at Elite Performance Coaching & Development.

Personal Effectiveness Training

  • Self Communication Excellence
  • Building Rapport
  • Self Image & Self Perception
  • Body Language and Patterns of Behaviour

Sports Performance

  • Peak Performance Strategies
  • Internal Mapping Strategies
  • Sensory Positioning Systems
  • Perception and Awareness

Business Applications

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Team Building
  • Internal Training Services

Facilitating Excellence

  • Identifying Participant Learning Styles
  • Using Effective Language Patterns
  • Building Rapport with your Audience
  • Body Language & Congruency

The River Inside

Now, I want you to imagine a majestic river flowing. Question? Now a river did not initially start off as a river, did it? No, it probably began as a small trickle of water on the landscape. Over time, repetition of the movement of water along it began to create a small furrow for the water to flow. The repetition of the movement of water, over time, began to evolve into a small creek, the small creek into a stream and a stream into a river.

Our brain works in similar ways, repetition of thoughts and behaviours create distinct neurological pathways in our brains. The more we repeat these thoughts and behaviours, the stronger the pathway. This is why sometimes it can be challenging to change our behaviours and attitudes as they can become part of the river. Yet every so often, we all have moments of magic, when everything flows in the right direction and we achieve success and the desired result we were aspiring towards.

We code our own Peak Performance within our minds and bodies. Our actions and experiences are coded within our conscious and subconscious mind; we are continually programming and re-programming our minds all the time. Sometimes successfully, other times… well I am sure you know how it goes. Yet every experience and behaviour is useful and can provide startling information and insight into how we communicate and programme ourselves.